Business Partners Program

The arts, architecture and design are essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, states and our nation.

They enhance community development, create jobs, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses, draw tourism dollars, and create an environment that attracts skilled and educated workers. Therefore your participation in our business partners program can enrich the lives of your employees, but also affect your whole community. Our business partners enjoy yearlong access to marketing and employee engagement opportunities.

We are glad to work with our partners to create a customized benefits package.

Business Partners Giving Levels:

Leader ($25,000 and above)
Visionary ($10,000 and above)
Innovator ($5,000 and above)
Executive ($2,500 and above)
Entrepreneur ($1,000 and above)
Friend ($500 and above)

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Become a Business Partners

For information about our Business Partners program please contact:
Marta Wojcik
Executive Director & Curator
937-327-9291, ext. 13