Progressive East High Walking Tour

Saturday, August 19, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:30am

Saturday, August 19 at 10:00am / Guided by Suzanne Cavazos / Mobility 1

$15 General / $12 Members

The Progressive Era ushered in a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, whose spirit of innovation and civic responsibility contributed to Springfield’s growth and prestige. Join us as we stroll past their grand East High Street homes, including the Westcott House and Crowell Mansion, which stand today as a tangible reminder of Springfield’s prosperity at the start of the twentieth century. Meet outside the Greek Orthodox Church (Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin), 1127 East High Street.



Join the Westcott Center for Architecture + Design as we celebrate our region’s distinctive architecture and history with our annual Summer Tour Series.

The Summer Tour Series examines the architecture, design, and history of the built environment in the Greater Springfield Region. The 2023 series includes a variety of walking tours, bicycle, virtual, and happy hour tours featuring diverse subjects and fascinating stories. Architects, curators, historians, and local professionals guide each tour. 

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Our tours and programs are developed for a broad audience, including those with disabilities and decreased mobility. Tours move at a leisurely pace with brief periods of standing at tour stops. If entering a building or house, some stairs or inclines may be possible. All tours are assigned mobility levels between 1-3. 

Mobility Level 1
Up to 6 blocks walking, mostly flat terrain, paved, stairs not likely. Wheelchair accessible.

Mobility Level 2
May be more than 6 blocks walking, some hills, mostly paved, some stairs possible. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.

Mobility Level 3
Considerable walking, various terrains, unpaved areas. All bicycle tours. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.