Summer Tour Series

June 2nd through September 19th, 2018

Join the Westcott Center for Architecture + Design as we celebrate Springfield’s distinctive architecture and history with our annual Summer Tour Series.

The Summer Tour Series examines the architecture, design, and history of the built environment in the Greater Springfield Region. The 2018 series totals seventeen tours, including regular and special walking tours, bicycle tours, happy hour tours, a youth tour and a member-only tour. Architects, curators, historians, and local professionals guide each tour. This year’s series starts on June 2nd and runs through September 5th.

Please be advised that we do not mail tickets. You will receive an order confirmation by email. You will be automatically added to the attendee list upon the completion of your order.


June 2 at 10 am: Downtown Victorian + (Walking Tour)

June 6 at 6 pm: Columbia Street Cemetery (Happy Hour Tour): SOLD OUT

June 16 at 10 am: Westcott and the Progressive Era (Bicycle Tour)

June 23 at 10 am: Lenski Walk for Kids (Youth Tour)

June 30 at 10 am: Westchester Park + (Walking Tour)

July 11 at 6 pm: Columbia Street Cemetery (Happy Hour Tour)

July 14 at 10 am: Wittenberg University (Walking Tour)

July 18 at 6 pm: Lenski Walk (Happy Hour Tour)

July 28 at 10 am: The Hill (Walking Tour)

August 4 at 10 am: Perrin Woods North (Walking Tour)

August 8 at 6 pm: Civic District (Happy Hour Tour)

August 11 at 10 am: Elmwood Place + (Walking Tour)

August 18 at 10 am: Painted Ladies (Bicycle Tour)

August 22 at 6pm: Greek Springs (Happy Hour Tour): SOLD OUT

September 1 at 10am: Ferncliff Cemetery: Sacred and Symbolic (Walking Tour): SOLD OUT

September 5 at 6pm: Mosgrove Building (Member’s Only Tour)

September 12 at 6 pm: Downtown Modern Art (Happy Hour Tour)

September 19 at 6pm: Greek Springs (Happy Hour Tour)