Westcott Lecture Series: "Wright and Beyond in 360" by Thomas R. Schiff

Wright and Beyond in 360° by Thomas R. Schiff

Tuesday, November 24th, 6pm-7pm via Zoom Webinar

In this lecture, Thomas R. Schiff will take us through his journey as a panoramic photographer, sharing experiences of his travels and encounters of people and places that led to his incredible oeuvre of photography. 

Thomas R. Schiff studied photography under Clarence White, Jr. and Arnold Gassan while earning his undergraduate degree from Ohio University in 1970. A photographer since childhood, he has worked with panoramic photography since 1994, mastering the intricacies of his camera of choice—the Cirkut. Traveling many miles in pursuit of a perfect subject, Schiff captured an incredibly rich variety of iconic buildings in the United States, including the most impressive number of Frank Lloyd Wright works, both residential and public. Similar to the artists known for adopting a famous piece of art and transforming it into a masterpiece in its own right, Schiff’s photography of iconic architecture has earned its own celebrity status. Through his deeply meaningful collaborations with many non-profit organizations across    the country, Schiff published books such as Panoramic Cincinnati, Panoramic OhioPanoramic ParksVegas 360° , Wright PanoramaProspectColumbus, IndianaNKU: A Panoramic HistoryVirginia 360° , Wright in OhioThe Library Book,and Surrounded by Art. Long an advocate for lens-based photography, Schiff helped establish Images Gallery in Cincinnati in 1980, and he is the founder of FotoFocus, a biennial celebration of the medium centered in Cincinnati. Schiff’s work focused on landmark museums was recently a subject of his solo exhibition at The Contemporary Art Center.

“Tom Schiff has produced photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, which in their way are as close to three-dimensional photographs as one can get. Not in a literal sense, but in an abstract way. It is always a desire of architectural renderers to capture the essence of a building, especially what Frank Lloyd Wright called the “Space Within” in a single drawing. Tom Schiff has accomplished this with his photographs.” – Eric Lloyd Wright, Architect, Grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright


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